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The key distinguishing points of biphasic type I and type II | Literature review

This study shows that there are no significant differences between bipolar type I and type II patients in many characteristics, such as family history of bipolar disorder, age of first depression and manic/hypomanic episodes, average manic/hypomanic episodes Duration, etc.; out of the 96 symptom items evaluated by the study, there was no significant difference in the proportion of 80 in the two groups.
12 2021/07

"Severe and Complex Depression in Young People": Personal History and Clinical Features | Research Express

It is generally believed that depression is more common in women (≈ 2:1). However, among the 84 consecutive young patients with severe complex depression included in this study, the ratio of female to male patients was 1:1 (42 vs. 42).
02 2021/07

Basics: Concise flow chart of antidepressant treatment | Expert perspective

Antidepressants are the first-line treatment for depression, but the first round of antidepressant treatment for many patients is not smooth. For example, the early side effects cannot be tolerated or the effect is not as expected, and treatment needs to be adjusted. However, there is no consensus on when to adjust and how to adjust.
25 2021/06

The antidepressant efficacy of psychotherapy: a core set of data | Research Express

This meta-analysis of 228 randomized controlled studies shows that when used in adult patients with depression, the overall effective rate of psychotherapy at 2 (±1) months after baseline is 41%, conventional treatment, waiting list, and placebo They are 17%, 16%, and 31% respectively.
10 2021/06

Complex Combinations for Bipolar Disorder: Eight Recommendations | Expert Perspective

The course and clinical aspects of bipolar disorder are complicated, and it is quite common for patients to use three, four or more psychotropic drugs in combination. The problem is that natural observational studies have shown that multi-drug combination may not lead to better outcomes, which gradually arouses concern.
07 2021/06

Heavyweight: The fifth batch of national procurement results are detailed, with the highest drop of 98%+, which is a new high!

The fifth batch of collective procurement quotations finally settled. Judging from the quotation results, this quotation is very exciting. Rivaroxaban did not let it take the lead in the decline (a decrease of -99%). Oral preparations or injections continue the previous overall style, and most of them still don't participate.
23 2021/06
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