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Jiangsu Healsun Meical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Healsun Meical Co., Ltd.

Healsun Meical is a sales company integrating medicines, medical devices and consumables. It is committed to the agency and independent research and development of high-quality products that can truly help doctors solve clinical problems of patients in the field of professional treatment, and have both clinical and commercial value to meet the needs of patients. Needs to help them maintain sustainable health and sustainable solutions.

Jiangsu Healsun Meical Co., Ltd. is registered in Lishui District, Nanjing and has its own logistics base. Import medicines, medical equipment and diagnostic reagents from home and abroad. Now it has several professional, full-time and dedicated marketing teams such as anesthesia product line, renal rheumatism orthopedics product line, gastroenterology product line, psychiatric product line, clinical test reagents and high-value consumables. The products are mainly oriented to East China, and some products cover Nationwide, the market prospects are very broad. At the same time, a pharmaceutical research institute was established in Qixia District, Nanjing, and a production base was established in Taizhou, dedicated to the development and production of analgesic drugs.

The company’s operation aims to continuously promote the improvement of the overall quality of the in-service personnel through the innovation of internal mechanisms and the modernization of management methods, in line with the corporate culture of healthy work and happy life, so as to realize the informationization and scientification of market decision-making and efficient operation. change.


Jiangsu Healsun Meical Co., Ltd.

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